Kadin and Isabela

I have to say I’m a little biased towards this couple. It may have something to do with Isabela being my older sister. I couldn’t imagine finding anyone more perfect for my sister than Kadin. Their relationship with each other, and God; makes for the perfect marriage. Well… almost perfect. She is my sister after all… kidding! This wedding was a large step in my photography journey, it was the first wedding I’ve had the privilege to capture. I can’t thank the both of them enough for including me as the maid of honor, as well as secondary photographer. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do.

LOCATION: Seminole, Oklahoma

This wedding took place at the Portico, in Seminole Ok. The portico is a lovely venue complete with barn, and pond. The beautiful scenery coupled with a once in a lifetime celebration made for a perfect day.

A group effort

Kadin and Isabela were surrounded entirely by family and friends. There were no strangers, which made this day even more sweet. Everyone in attendance did their utmost to make sure everyone had an amazing time. August 28th 2021, will forever be a day to remember.